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slide_combi3Each ring has his own character… but feel free to combine it and tell your particular story!

Let your imagination tell stories on your fingers:

snails in the garden,
your favourite mountains chain,
house on the hill,
sunrise behind the mountains,
flower field,
your favourite weather,
an ecological house,
some buds in the grass,
mountain cheese,
your dream village,
house in the clouds,
mountain hut,
or moustache woman…

… everything is possible!

Sure that you will find the right composition between the 19 shapes and more than 14 plexiglas colours!


Not agree with the forecast? Choose your favorite weather :)meteo-web

What kind of architecture do you like?

funny Dutch…archi1-webbucolic French…archi2-web

or radical Swiss… archi3-webMake your choice!

Use your ring to leave a message ;-) mmeoumlle2-web

Tell your friends that you’re a cheese lover!

All those rings are produced with a laser-cut machine in a Parisian workshop.

Our practical advice: you can buy just one of the “combi rings”. If you choose multiple “combi rings”, you will automatically get a discount in your cart.

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The brooches to combine:

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Our favourites combi-rings: