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About us

Once upon a time…
Some years ago, Emilie worked in an architecture model workshop. As she was working with new materials, tools and machines, she had a mind of create a small jewelery collection, made of lasercut plexiglas, wood and 3D print.
The prototypes were so popular by her entourage, she get into the Blingbli project with her partner Markus.
That’s Blingbli :

that's blingblisimple but not bling-bling jewels!
stories, inventions and obsessions!
funny materials!
and last but not least: humor!


And that’s us :

MarkusEmilieEmilie, a French architect who loves design and play
Markus, a German graphist passionnate about art, bikes and technology
Albert, our small solidity tester



Blingbli jewels are designed in Hamburg, produced in Paris, and shipped wherever you are…