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3drings_diamantRadian* everybody has the right to wear a precious ring! *

To design those rings, we took our inspiration from the precious rings which everybody knows, a solitaire or a pearl, and turned it in a caricature. The beautiful shape is here, in a colourful and contemporary version, accessible to everybody!

This simple design is available in classic or funny colours: black, white, fluorescent, red, and our favorite, iridescent!

The design is quite uncluttered: 2 parts made of laser-cut Plexiglas, simply embedded in each other.

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3D diamond pink

3Drings-greenpearl-web 3dring-blackpink-web


And now, our favorite one, in iridescent plexiglas… The colours are changing at every movement!3drings_diamantRadian


All those rings are produced with a laser-cut machine in a Parisian workshop and then assembled in our workshop in Hamburg.

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